Overall view of 80ft Rohn-45 tower with 9 element, 40-10m Mosely Pro-96 on top (great capacitance hat!) Rotator is Yaesu G-2800SDX.

Notice the cage of wires to the left, going up to 50 ft. and then connecting to the tower with a 2 inch OD copper pipe.

TOWER BASE. The cage is held tight by the fiberglass pole and piece of rope.  A piece  of coax inner conductor connects the cage of wires to the motor controlled 1000pF vacuum variable cap in the box via a H.V. feed-through.  Tower resonates at approx 1.75 MHz.

LOTS of radials (64 of them) come together under the tower.  They are twisted together and a large braid is clamped over them.  The braid is grounded to the box along with the tower legs, gnd rods and feed coax shields.